"Heaven is a state of mind" (S&H)

Abby, age 19. Political science and English major (music minor) looking to go to law school. Camp counselor, lifeguard, tutor, pianist, singer, writer. A conservative and Christian Scientist. [Blog renamed eggnogablog during the holidays]
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    I usually say “You can’t be proud of something you didn’t fight for” but the race double standard fucking sucks…
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    but not every white person is going to mirror what their ancestors did so why should it matter if people are proud of...
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    Because cracker doesn’t have the same implications as racial slurs toward PoC Because white people are steady trying to...
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    wait, how is any of this okay?? i understand the wrath towards the image, but how is it okay for anyone to label white...
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    i bet they think a “white genocide” is a real thing too
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    if you’re proud to be white you are a murderer or aspiring murderer fyi
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    awesome then, be proud of: the KKK Killing of entire races of people Slavery getting away with killing/raping of women...