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Interesting story from my time working at Petsmart:

One day, a woman came in with her German Shepherd and as she was walking through the store one of my co-workers stopped to talk to her. As the conversation progressed the employee (Amy) noticed the dog had something in his mouth. 

She asked the owner if the dog had a toy or something, the woman had no idea what she was talking about. So Amy bent down to pet the dog and as she put her hand under the dogs mouth, it opened and dropped this bunny into her hand. 

They guessed she picked it up in the parking lot or something, but the dog had just been carrying the bunny in his mouth. The dog wasn’t aggressive about it or anything, all we could figure was that the dog sensed it was a baby and wanted to help it. 

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  1. Women being literate before the feminist movements, as women often taught Sunday school. Compare the writing of a woman during the 1700s to the average product of a public school.
  2. Women attending school before the feminist movements, as women often attended, and then later taught, in Sunday schools.
  3. Women voting before the feminist movements in the western frontier, where they were actually performing the same duties as men.
  4. Feminism being nothing more than demanding the socialist concept of “equal pay”, the false idea that women don’t have fulfilling lives without jobs (motherhood is denigrated), “free birth control”, “sexual liberation” with the idea of “hitting and quitting” being somehow beneficial to women despite all biology, and support for murdering the unborn.


This is what Israel is up against. This is why they need to keep such a tight control of their borders. They want to die!

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what the fuck is this

someone explain this shit

please kill me

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David Gilson is a French Artist. In 2007, over being excited for Disney’s Black Princess, he created a plethora of wonderful artwork in anticipation. 

Many of them created during earliest production in which the film was then titled The Frog Princess and the heroine was named Maddy the chambermaid. These works since have been passed around as if they were conceptual artwork during production. In part for being well done and existing a year prior to any real art released to the press and public. 

As The Princess and The Frog hops towards five years since theatrical release, it it time to identify these great works of art as they are, fan art.

The right column showcases the beautiful pieces by Disney Artists. David Gilson’s fan artwork is used often when talking about natural hair for Tiana. Lorelay Bové, Sue Nichols, Chris Appelhans, Armand Baltazar and Kevin Gollaher have drawn natural hair in their concept art and unfortunately that aspect did not make it to realization.

David was contracted by Disney Publishing and Disney Consumer Products for Tangled in 2010. Hey, who knows maybe all the attention to his Tiana art landed him the job. We wish him the best in all his artistic endeavors!




I recently saw a post about the blackwashing of Julius Caesar and completely agreed with it. But because of that, and the comments left on the reblogs of that, I felt compelled to make this post because I’ve had it up to fucking here with people who clearly have never stepped a single foot in Italy and yet keep spewing shit out of their ass about Italians being “PoC” and “not white” and “olive skinned”. Don’t you fucking dare say that a black man is appropriate to play someone that is supposed to have Italian heritage. I have absolutely no problem with black men, but they sure as hell don’t look like people who are of Italian heritage.

You people saying that are stupid as fuck, and you need to shut the fuck up. Seriously, olive skinned Italians are a minority, and mainly are Sicilian or Calabrian. Why? Because North Africans invaded those regions a few centuries back and obviously some racemixing happened. (Ps. So much for whites being the only bad people in the world)

That’s two regions out of an entire country. And guess fucking what? Rome isn’t in either of those two regions. And guess fucking what? Julius Caesar was a roman. Julius Caesar was most definitely white, stop trying to claim people from my country’s history as PoC and stop trying to make my country what it’s not because you can’t handle the fact that Italy is white. 

You see the man in the photo? That’s Claudio Marchisio, he’s an Italian footballer. Does he look white? I fucking think so. He also looks very Italian, and if you deny it you clearly don’t know much about Italy. If you go anywhere in Northern and Central Italy I can assure you, people will look fucking white. Even in the south most people will look white, maybe some will be tan, but they’re still. fucking. white. 

Fucking educate yourself before you start spewing nonsense all over the place, you’re fucking ridiculous (obviously only applies to people who say we are apparently “PoC”). 

Same goes for Greece.

And Spain.


Can’t reblog this quote enough.

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F*ck that

Bitch be cray-cray.



F*ck that

Bitch be cray-cray.

There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.
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in the UK, it takes you a lifetime to get treatment and then you die. in America, you get the best treatment immediately. God I hate the ignorant youth on tumblr.

the government owns you in the UK. the government does not own us in America. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.” -Thomas Jefferson

and universal healthcare isn’t free. it comes out of your huge taxes. 

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Now it sounds like the Henry VIII game.

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